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I know there's been many questions about whats going on with the band,
espically if you lurk around on myspace enough. So I'm here to repost somethings...

Reposted from the Lost City Angels Myspace Page on Sunday, July 2nd.

As many of you know LCA has been inactive as far as touring and playing shows this year. We had the craziest time touring last year with Tiger Army, The Unseen, Catch 22, Social Distortion, The Eyeliners, Spitalfield, Dropkick Murphys, Gang Green, Darkbuster, The AKA's, Warped Tour, A Wilhelm Scream, and an assload more. The last tour we did was with our homies Pennywise, and our good friends the all mighty Sick Of It All back in Winter 05. The last show we played was at the Dover Brickhouse in Dover, NH early Spring 06. We had also begun to work on the follow up to Broken World aiming to have the record out sometime this year or early next year. However the term "shit went down" was applied to LCA right around that time. The Dover Brickhouse show would turn out to be the last show with Ron Ragona on lead vocals, and Nick Bacon on lead guitar.

The remaining members all decided to call it a day and head our separate ways, but in all honesty it was the last thing we wanted to do. Drew, Duggan, and myself included were all headed in different directions. I was going to move to California for work, Duggan was going to focus on recording bands and working with the many projects he's been involved in as of late, and Drew was going to join another band and work for a real job with something called "benefits".

Depressed, angry, and frustrated the 3 of us all agreed on one thing. If we could get this one person to be a part of LCA we would all stay, and continue on with the goals that first came to us back in 2000. We all knew there was no chance in hell this was going to happen so we went on with the plan of disbanding

That was until a phone call changed everything...

Without getting into too much we do have a new lead singer, and he is fucking amazing. He's from another band that we loved very much, and we are beyond stoked he's here with us. We're working on the new songs as we speak and we're aiming to be playing shows by the Fall. We are in no shape or form trying to rush getting a record out, that's fucking lame and we want no part of putting something out we don't love. So please be patient, it's coming. Oh and the new songs are absolutely killer.

We want to thank everyone who stuck by us, came to our shows, bought our merch and bought us food, sent us messages, spread the word and kept us going for the past 6 years.
We can go and assume a sweet shitstorm of shit-talking and speculation is going to happen very soon, but we want no part of it. So totally feel free to send us messages but we will not be getting into the events that lead to Ron and Nick leaving.

Nick and Ron both have moved on, actually Nick has been acting and will be in an upcoming movie with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore (I shit you not), and Ron has a new band called the Murder Mile with some very close friends of ours. Please support them both.

We'll see you soon, and get ready for the next step with LCA.

A Repost from the same place on July 27th

After a month and a half with our new singer, new lead guitar player (both to be named very soon) and sweating balls in the Unseen's practice space, we've decided it's time to play some shows. We're aiming on an early Fall start, all while heading into the studio to do what we can't wait to get done. Recording the next chapter in LCA.

Drop us a message if you have any questions, or hit me up personally...

ps. We are fucking stoked.

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